Date : 11/28/2014

Pavement Engineering

·  Airfield pavement analysis, rehabilitation and performance

·  Recycled Asphalt Pavement

·  Pavement design, modeling, performance evaluation, & management

·  Sustainable Long Life Pavement

·  Ground Improvement, and Chemical / Mechanical Stabilization for Pavement and Geotechnical Applications

·  Moisture Damage in Asphaltic Concrete Materials

·  Pavement Foundations: Modelling, Design and Performance Evaluation

·  Geotechnical Properties and Their Effects on Portland Concrete Pavement Behavior and Performance

·  Warm Mix

·  Rehabilitation strategy selection and preventative maintenance treatments

·  Accelerated Testing of Pavement Structures and Materials

·  Material, Design, Construction, Maintenance and Testing of Pavement

·  Asphalt Binder and Mixture Characterization

·  Construction and Rehabilitation of Jointed Concrete Pavement, Reinforced Concrete Pavement, and Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement

·  Bridges Deck Pavement

·  Stabilization, Recycling, Foamed Bitumen and Emulsion, Granular Materials

·  Roadway Widening

·  NanoTechnology & Its Application to Civil Infrastructure 

·  Asphalt Mix-Design, HMA Testing, & Material Property Characterization