Date : 11/26/2014



Unfortunately, The Middle East is accused of falsely that its countries are not interested in the various scientific research, especially in the geotechnical and infrastructure research. The fact is that the M.E. researchers spend every year multi-million dollars from their own budget for their research, but this research is mainly done for academic promotions by getting MScs and PhDs, and publishing papers in local conferences or journals, and then these researches will be useless.

In Jan-2011, Dr. Hany Farouk decided to initiate a research group inside his Consulting group named the “Soil-Structure Interaction Group in Egypt” SSIGE. The Group has many aims, but the main aim is to make the researchers serve the field community, and not doing research just for research. This aim has been planned by creating a global research plan for SSIGE, which is transmitted to many small researches.  

In Jan 2013, SSIGE has started the requirements of getting the ISO certificate for the research management and processes. 

SSIGE has published more than 55 conference and journal papers in many countries and with many publishers. SSIGE is now publishing more than 30 papers annually.

The problem of not having good results from a Finite Element program has been significantly appeared. So, SSIGE planned to get Original licenses from PLAXIS 3D, PLAXIS 2D, TNO DIANA PACKAGE and MIDAS GTS PACKAGE. 

SSIGE has started the national research project for creating the First Egyptian Finite Element program specialized in different Geotechnical and Infrastructure Analyses and Designs. Sure, we need the cooperation and supports from all the Middle East researchers and the worldwide experts for that project.

All the research preparations, needs, miscellaneous, publishing and others are now granted ONLY from SSIGE members and EHE-Consulting Group.